Why Your Business Should Try Out New Generation Mobile Form Apps

Smartphone and other mobile device prevalence is anticipated to top over 70% of the population by 2020, with over 50% of adults carrying at least two devices at any given time. As the mobile market explodes, businesses are looking more for ways in which to utilize the technology in meaningful ways to make data more accessible and workflows easier. Form app development has emerged as one of the industry-leading customization tools on mobile platforms. Easy-to-use and easy-to-create mobile form builder apps offer businesses of any sizes the ability to create, deploy and track form fed tabular data from mobile input with no coding background or specialized IT support.

Real world uses for mobile forms:

Of course, the applications of a mobile form is as limitless as the imagination of its creator. With drop and drag building, table up building and simple user interfaces, the new generation of mobile forms app products offer nearly instantly deployable options to clients. From product tracking and inventory, to customer surveys and internal workflows, most mobile form developer apps will even offer templates and real world case studies for even the most novice user to properly frame the form architecture to drive meaningful data extraction and reporting.

Five new capabilities you should check out:

Even if you haven’t previously considered deploying a mobile form solution, here are five new generation capabilities that make this a great time to move into mobile data collection.

1. Offline capabilities have come to dominate the market. In the past, fear of dropping a signal caused potential form app users to shy away, fearful of losing data. The newest products all include offline capabilities, so you’ll never lose important data.

2. Customization and customer experience can be taken to an intense new level with micro-level URL generation capacity. You can tailor a survey to a specific event or product and deliver the mobile link via any media platform. Custom URLs allow distribution of forms (departmental to-do lists, quizzes, or equipment tracking) to be managed to the group or individual level.

3. Data is accessible and secure. Most products include cloud data storage. Robust reporting dashboards are also accessible via mobile device and include vast numbers of canned and custom reports that can be queued and delivered in various standard formats.

4. Security measures provide for intense levels of data defensibility. Metadata can collect precision tracking details such as GPS location, speed, cardinal orientation and time stamping. Touchscreen signature capabilities are routinely included, as well as barcode scanner technology.

5. White label ability keeps your business’ brand integrity. Easily adapted, clean design elements make it simple for anyone to create visually stunning mobile forms with their own images. The ProntoForms website may be able to provide additional insights.

Tips to Save Money on Your Office’s Printing Costs

Business printers are a necessity in many offices, but printing costs can get expensive. Fortunately, there are ways that you can reduce these costs. Follow these tips if you’d like to reduce how much your place of business spends on printing.

Buy the Right Printer

When looking for a colour laser printer or any printer for small business, it pays to do your comparison shopping. Some office photocopiers and business printers are known for breaking down all the time. Unfortunately, when office printers break down, pricey repair and replacement costs come into play. This is why it’s important to do your research before you ever buy a printer for your office. If you check out consumer ratings and reviews, for example, you can look for a printer that is known for being reliable and not breaking down all the time. This can make a huge difference in how much your company will end up spending throughout the lifespan of your printer. Plus, it can help you ensure that you end up with a printer that has the speed, printing quality, features and reliability that your office needs.

Buy Printing Supplies in Bulk

Another excellent way that you can cut costs on office printing costs is to buy your printing supplies, such as printer cartridges and printer paper, in bulk. Even though this will obviously require your office to spend more money at one time, it can be quite worthwhile because it can allow you to save a significant amount of money on the printing supplies that you need. As an added bonus, it can help you avoid running out of printing supplies when you really need them.

Reduce Printing Throughout the Office

It’s always a good idea to do what you can to cut down on the printed materials in your office. Obviously, there are some things that do need to be printed out. Sending out emails to employees rather than printed memos, storing documents in the cloud and encouraging employees not to print out anything that isn’t necessary are all excellent steps to take if you would like to reduce the printing that is done in your office. Then, you can cut down on wear and tear on your printer, you can reduce the amount of ink and paper that are used and you can save money on energy costs. Plus, along with helping your office to save money on its printing costs, you can also feel good in knowing that your place of business is doing a positive thing for the world around you.

As you can see, there are various ways that you can save money on your office’s printing costs. If you follow these tips, you might be surprised by just how much you can save. If you need more information, XMA Business Solutions may be able to provide you with additional resources on their website.

Why 2017 Could be a Challenging Year in Real Estate Marketing

The year 2016 was not the easiest for the Canadian real estate industry. From downturns in regional markets to a scandal in British Columbia involving dubious real estate transactions, realtors are looking forward to welcoming 2017 with hope and in a positive light.

Realtor marketing is bound to prove a bit difficult in 2017 due to the aforementioned events. The housing market is not expected to rebound significantly in 2017, and some regions will feel the effect of lower home values in their local economies. In 2017, real estate agent marketing needs to shine across Canada; here are some ideas that should be considered when formulating a solid promotion strategy:

Form Partnerships With Financial Planners

It is up to professional organizations to elevate the profile of real estate brokers. This will not be easy in regions such as Vancouver and other parts of British Columbia, where a few bad apples were involved in a scandal that tarnished the profession. Canadian realtors need to learn from mortgage brokers who implement hyper local campaigns, and who tend to partner with financial planners who live in the communities they serve.

Traditional Marketing Methods

There is no question that many Canadians are deeply involved in social media; however, this does not mean that they have completely ignored other means of communication. Direct mail marketing is something that has been largely abandoned over the last few years; this means that traditional mailing campaigns could stand out really well at a time when no one else seems to be doing them.

Avoiding Common Marketing Mistakes

Marketing is not an exact science; realtors are bound to make many errors while conducting their campaigns. The two most common marketing mistakes include unreasonable expectations and a lack of business focus. Marketing success does not happen from one day to the next; it is a business practice that requires focus and consistency. Setting small goals before launching a new campaign can help realtors develop the focus they need to continue.

Sticking to Marketing Plans

Too many real estate professionals tend to set marketing aside when they are working on deals. Realtors who only think about marketing when business slows down are already behind the curve in terms of competition. Marketing plans that account for periods of low activity throughout the year are necessary for real estate professionals who wish to stay in business.

In the end, Canadian realtors who do not set a short-term goal for themselves in 2017 are bound to have a hard time creating meaningful business opportunities. Marketing plans should be formulated in December for the purpose of starting execution in January.

Ways in which Mascot Costumes Can Help Build your Brand

Competition in the business world is increasing by the day. Whether established or just starting up, everyone is trying to find a way of beating their rivals. As more businesspeople realize the importance of creative marketing, the use of mascot costumes for branding has assumed global popularity largely due to its success in establishing and boosting the growth of brands.

Personifying your Brand

Many people cannot be convinced that mascots are just another way of advertising. To them, mascot costumes are not just the products of superb creativity and skill in piecing materials together. They don’t even care about the persons hidden in them. All they are interested in is the fact that the mascot is something they can relate to. As a result, businesses successfully give a human face to their products and lead consumers away from the commercial side.

Making a costume, however, is not enough. Design and style of the mascot determines the level of success in its use in marketing. It should first create interest, then arouse positive emotions and finally establish a bond between the mascot and consumers. To achieve this, there should be consideration of numerous market variables including age, behaviors, and likings of the target audience as well as the nature of the product to be promoted. For instance, a soft-looking—and feeling—teddy bear would be most suitable for advertising a fabric softening product.

Marketing on Social Media Platforms

A lot of marketing and brand creation and promotion efforts have shifted to social media platforms. They are few better ways of drawing the interest of the social media audience than the use of mascots. Thus, you will see a lot of social media accounts peopled with mascots complete with profiles—another successful attempt at personalizing brands. In fact, mascots help improve consumer feedback by posting new information, replying to posts and answering online questions in their own character. They are more effective than even celebrities.

Keep in mind that most people in the social media are after the lighter side of life. Therefore, the mascots should have a little bit of humor when engaging the social media crowd. They need not be overwhelmingly hilarious at every turn. Funny mascot costumes and entertaining character will do the trick.

Final Verdict

Referring to the use of mascot costumes as a guerilla marketing tactic, many marketing experts recognize its importance to startups operating on a tight budget. Naturally, people associate mascots with fun, gifts and a warm disposition. Since most of them have a ‘larger than life’ size, are colorful and comical, they are not easily forgotten. Accordingly, whenever a potential consumer comes across the product related to the mascot, he or she is more likely to go for it as a result of the mascot’s influence than many other ways of marketing. Visit the Loonie Times blog for more information.

What to Do If There Is a Problem With Special Event Rentals

Whether you are planning corporate events, a wedding reception or another type of lavish affair, you may be using special event rentals for everything from décor to functional features. Tables, chairs, linens, dishes and even a dance floor are some of the items that you may rent for your upcoming party. Often, the special event rentals that are borrowed for a party are critical to the overall success of the event. With this in mind, it is understandable that you may feel overwhelmed and stressed out on the day of the big event if you realize something is wrong with the equipment and supplies that you have rented.

Read Through Your Contract to Determine Your Options
Accidents and mishaps happen all of the time, and the wrong items may have unfortunately been delivered to your venue. Perhaps some of them are broken, stained or otherwise unusable. Most contracts for special event rentals have a clause in them about the proper action you should take if you notice anything wrong with the products on the day of your event. Therefore, your first course of action should be to read through the contract. In many instances, the vendor will attempt to correct the situation for you as soon as possible, but there may be instances when you need to try to make the rental items work as much as possible. For example, some contracts only allow for you to receive a monetary reimbursement after the event rather than to give you some resolution to the problem before the event.

Contact the Vendor as Soon as Possible
Regardless of the wording in the contract, it is important to contact your vendor as soon as possible. Most vendors want to go out of their way to make you a satisfied customer. After all, negative word of mouth advertising on consumer review sites can be detrimental to a business that is in the service industry. Explain the situation to your vendor, and ensure that the vendor understands why the rentals provided are unacceptable or not suitable for the event. If the error was made on your part, you may be charged an additional fee. If the error was made on their part, the issue may rectified in some cases regardless of what is stated in the contract.

While issues with equipment rentals are rare, they can and do happen. You can minimize this possibility from happening during your event by reading through your contract carefully beforehand. Ensure that all of the equipment listed is exactly what you need. In addition, review the items in detail with the vendor in the days leading up to your event. Many reservations are made weeks or months ahead of time, so it is beneficial for all parties to review the contract and rentals closer to the event date. If you are looking for more information, you may be interested in checking out Gervais Party And Tent Rentals Ltd.