The Top 7 Best Dry Red Wine Types

On the broader wine spectrum, basically all red wines qualify as dry. Even the sweetest red wines, like a Recioto della Valpolicella, still contain less sugar than the majority of whites. With the exception of port and dessert wines, you probably don’t have to worry about your red wines being too sweet.

With that being said, if you know you really prefer dry, you can learn a few tricks to help you make a more educated selection. First of all, you should know that the dryness of a wine is the outcome of the fermentation method, during which the sugar content of the grapes used is entirely converted into alcohol.

Although there is a multitude of dry red wine varieties to buy from, there are a few choices that tend to rank high when it comes to dryness. Here are seven of the best dry red wine types worthy for your consideration:


4 Situations When You Should Get a Divorce Lawyer

The process for filing for divorce can be a long one. With emotions running high and many details to sort through, many become overwhelmed. That is why hiring a divorce lawyer is so important. A divorce lawyer is a neutral third party to help settle matters from an objective, and knowledgable point of view. If your situation fits any of these four scenarios, definitely consider hiring a lawyer.

4 Reasons to Have a Roof Inspection Prior to Buying a Home

When buying a new home or property, there are always more issues that may require further attention. Prospective buyers who overlook the importance of having their new roof inspected could be making a serious mistake. An experienced roofer can provide essential information for determining the true market value of a property or determining when future maintenance may be required.

Top 5 Ways a Real Estate CRM Can Help You Stay in Front of Buyers

A real estate CRM is one convenient way to stay in front of your potential buyers. It can take time for a buyer to become ready, so in the meantime, you can email them helpful information and tips that they can use. Here are the top five ways to stay in front of a home buyer with your client relationship manager.

1. New Homes

One of the easiest ways to set up a new buyer in your real estate CRM is to put them on an email campaign that is linked to your MLS. Notify them of new properties that come up for sale that meet their criteria. If they are not exactly sure what they are looking for yet, you can send them homes in a specific price range. Just be sure to be in contact with them personally from time to time to see if you can narrow down the field. When you call them, ask them if there are any features they were particularly drawn to or if they have narrowed down the area. Having a more extensive field at first gives you an excellent reason to contact them more often.

2. School News

Many people only want to see homes in a specific school district. If you have clients like that, send them school news also. You can get the information from the school’s websites, and you can use the real estate CRM to send them general education tips, such as school bus safety. Some other ideas are sporting events, student concerts, and a monthly schedule highlighting vacation days.

3. Neighborhood News

If you specialize in specific neighborhoods, create premade letters about features unique to that area. Parks and their facilities are always a popular theme. Create a Google map of any walking trails that meander through the area, and alert them to upcoming open houses. At the bottom of the open house alerts, make a note, and ask your buyers to mention they are working with you, as a courtesy to the other agent.

4. Sales and Pendings

Everyone is curious how much a property eventually sells for, especially if it is where they are interested in buying in. Your buyers will appreciate you keeping them posted, so when it comes time for them to make an offer, they will have a base idea of the value. Other facts you can add are what was the asking price and how long it was on the market before it got an offer. If it is a hot market and things are moving fast, this tool will help show your buyers they need to be ready to make a reasonable offer quickly. The IXACT Contact website has more online resources and references available.

5. Mortgage Minutes

Send first-time home buyers mortgage tips. A real estate CRM often provides readymade templates on this subject. You can customize them, or send them out as-is in between your personalized messages.

7 Secrets That Can Be Unearthed Using DNA Testing

As DNA testing becomes more commonplace, previously unknown genetic information is easier to access. Below are seven secrets and mysteries that can be found out with DNA tests.

1. Your Parentage

Individuals that were adopted can always choose to begin their serious biological parent search by submitting to a DNA test. It can help locate parents that have DNA in a registry or at least help you begin to locate close family members. It’s a valuable tool in your search. It’s commonly used with success as a test to confirm the father in cases where the paternity is in dispute.

2. Half and Full Siblings

The advancements in DNA testing have come so far that it can now be determined whether you are a full or half-sibling to another individual. It helps when you are trying to fully map out a family tree correctly. It can also unbury family secrets that are better brought into the open for full disclosure and honest communication.

3. Health Status

The genetic makeup you have can tell a lot about your current health. Your ability to absorb sugars, sensitivities to things like milk, nuts, or gluten, and other allergy predispositions can be seen through your genetic structure. You can learn the secrets to keeping yourself healthy by understanding how your body is built to work.

4. Predisposition to Disease

Diseases like diabetes, heart disease, cancer, dementia, and more can be carried down the family genetic line. Finding out that a distant family member has a particular disease doesn’t mean you’ll definitely come down with the same diagnosis. It gives you a baseline of disorders to look at in case you begin to experience serious health problems.

5. Genetic Abnormalities

Certain genetic abnormalities can cause serious birth defects and are carried down the family lines. You can be at high risk of having a child with a serious genetic problem and not even know it without the testing.

6. Ancestral Origin

You can now find out the exact location your ancestors came from anywhere in the world. It’s possible to know the percentages of ancestral DNA you have and determine your primary heritage. You can always learn more at the website.

7. Find Lost Family

The increase of divorce rates over the decades has lead to fractured families that lose track of one another. You can locate long lost siblings, uncles, aunts, cousins, and other relatives through DNA tests and available databases.

Uncover a few family secrets by using an affordable and convenient DNA testing kit that gives you all the answers you need.

How to Throw a Corporate Event for Your Product Launch

Hosting a launch event to showcase your latest product is an excellent way to get people talking about the product. And to do that, you will want people to be talking about it all day long even after the event. If all goes as planned, you could even be looking at making some first-time sales at the event. After perusing through the several party rentals ideas you have finally settled on one.