Top 5 Ways a Real Estate CRM Can Help You Stay in Front of Buyers

A real estate CRM is one convenient way to stay in front of your potential buyers. It can take time for a buyer to become ready, so in the meantime, you can email them helpful information and tips that they can use. Here are the top five ways to stay in front of a home buyer with your client relationship manager.

1. New Homes

One of the easiest ways to set up a new buyer in your real estate CRM is to put them on an email campaign that is linked to your MLS. Notify them of new properties that come up for sale that meet their criteria. If they are not exactly sure what they are looking for yet, you can send them homes in a specific price range. Just be sure to be in contact with them personally from time to time to see if you can narrow down the field. When you call them, ask them if there are any features they were particularly drawn to or if they have narrowed down the area. Having a more extensive field at first gives you an excellent reason to contact them more often.

2. School News

Many people only want to see homes in a specific school district. If you have clients like that, send them school news also. You can get the information from the school’s websites, and you can use the real estate CRM to send them general education tips, such as school bus safety. Some other ideas are sporting events, student concerts, and a monthly schedule highlighting vacation days.

3. Neighborhood News

If you specialize in specific neighborhoods, create premade letters about features unique to that area. Parks and their facilities are always a popular theme. Create a Google map of any walking trails that meander through the area, and alert them to upcoming open houses. At the bottom of the open house alerts, make a note, and ask your buyers to mention they are working with you, as a courtesy to the other agent.

4. Sales and Pendings

Everyone is curious how much a property eventually sells for, especially if it is where they are interested in buying in. Your buyers will appreciate you keeping them posted, so when it comes time for them to make an offer, they will have a base idea of the value. Other facts you can add are what was the asking price and how long it was on the market before it got an offer. If it is a hot market and things are moving fast, this tool will help show your buyers they need to be ready to make a reasonable offer quickly. The IXACT Contact website has more online resources and references available.

5. Mortgage Minutes

Send first-time home buyers mortgage tips. A real estate CRM often provides readymade templates on this subject. You can customize them, or send them out as-is in between your personalized messages.

7 Secrets That Can Be Unearthed Using DNA Testing

As DNA testing becomes more commonplace, previously unknown genetic information is easier to access. Below are seven secrets and mysteries that can be found out with DNA tests.

1. Your Parentage

Individuals that were adopted can always choose to begin their serious biological parent search by submitting to a DNA test. It can help locate parents that have DNA in a registry or at least help you begin to locate close family members. It’s a valuable tool in your search. It’s commonly used with success as a test to confirm the father in cases where the paternity is in dispute.

2. Half and Full Siblings

The advancements in DNA testing have come so far that it can now be determined whether you are a full or half-sibling to another individual. It helps when you are trying to fully map out a family tree correctly. It can also unbury family secrets that are better brought into the open for full disclosure and honest communication.

3. Health Status

The genetic makeup you have can tell a lot about your current health. Your ability to absorb sugars, sensitivities to things like milk, nuts, or gluten, and other allergy predispositions can be seen through your genetic structure. You can learn the secrets to keeping yourself healthy by understanding how your body is built to work.

4. Predisposition to Disease

Diseases like diabetes, heart disease, cancer, dementia, and more can be carried down the family genetic line. Finding out that a distant family member has a particular disease doesn’t mean you’ll definitely come down with the same diagnosis. It gives you a baseline of disorders to look at in case you begin to experience serious health problems.

5. Genetic Abnormalities

Certain genetic abnormalities can cause serious birth defects and are carried down the family lines. You can be at high risk of having a child with a serious genetic problem and not even know it without the testing.

6. Ancestral Origin

You can now find out the exact location your ancestors came from anywhere in the world. It’s possible to know the percentages of ancestral DNA you have and determine your primary heritage. You can always learn more at the website.

7. Find Lost Family

The increase of divorce rates over the decades has lead to fractured families that lose track of one another. You can locate long lost siblings, uncles, aunts, cousins, and other relatives through DNA tests and available databases.

Uncover a few family secrets by using an affordable and convenient DNA testing kit that gives you all the answers you need.

5 Factors for Finding the Right Web Hosting Solution

There are dozens of web hosts offering comparable services. The variety of options presents a challenge to those looking for a web host. By evaluating several key factors, customers can compare these options and find the best hosting solution.

1. Domain Name Registration

While domain name registration typically costs $15 to $20 per year, many web hosting companies include one-year registration for free. This is a useful bonus for those attempting to create a website with a minimal budget.

Web hosts sometimes have different policies and procedures for transferring domain names. Customers may need to pay to transfer existing domain names. The process may take between a few hours and several days, depending on the reliability of the web host.

2. Control Panel and User Interface

Most web hosts give customers access to cPanel, which is the most used software for creating custom control panels. The interface is easy to use, even for those who do not have any experience navigating a web host account.

If the web host uses a different control panel, it is important to analyze the interface. It should be user friendly, organized, and include a variety of helpful links for customer support or knowledge base articles.

3. The Location of the Hosting Servers

Websites are hosted on servers, which are essentially powerful computers that are constantly connected to the internet. Visitors attempting to access a website hosted on a server in a different country may experience longer loading times.

When choosing a web host, businesses and entrepreneurs should determine the location of the server. If they are targeting visitors in North America, the servers should be in North America.

4. Types of Servers and Hosting Plans

Web hosts offer a variety of plans with websites hosted on various types of servers or server configurations. The main three options include shared servers, virtual private servers, and dedicated servers.

With shared servers, multiple customers share a physical server. If one website receives a lot of traffic, the other websites may experience a slowdown. While shared servers may result in occasional slowdowns, they are inexpensive.

These plans are often the most affordable option and intended for bloggers and entrepreneurs that do not expect thousands of visitors each week.

With virtual private servers (VPSs), customer still share a physical server. However, each customer has their own virtual server with dedicated bandwidth. These plans cost more than shared hosting while eliminating the resource-sharing issues. Dedicated servers offer the most resources, as each customer gets their own physical server.

5. Reliability and Customer Support

Most web hosts claim to offer 99.9% server uptime. This guarantee ensures that their servers remain up and running 99.9% of the time. If they do shut down, businesses should have a hosting provider that can get the servers running quickly.

It is also important to learn more about their customer support. When a business owner notices that the website is down, they may need to contact customer support to notify them of the issue. If it takes a long time to get a hold of the support team, the website may remain down for one or more days.

Besides these factors, businesses and individuals should consider the prices of the hosting plans. Some providers offer discounts when signing up and then dramatically increase the prices when it comes time to renew. Check out the Cirrus Hosting website if you want more resources.

Throw an Unforgettable Corporate Event for Your Product Launch with These 10 Steps

Hosting a launch event to showcase your latest product is an excellent way to get people talking about the product. And to do that, you will want people to be talking about it all day long even after the event. If all goes as planned, you could even be looking at making some first-time sales at the event. After perusing through the several party rentals ideas you have finally settled on one.

But to ensure you host a successful launch event, there are a couple of things that you need to see through. Here are some crucial tips and tricks that you can use and see your corporate event be a success.

1. Tick Tock

If you are looking to introduce a new product in the market, you need to ensure you have the maximum attendance. And you can only do that if you do not have other competitors holding their events at the same time as yours. You can wait for other major agencies to hold their events then hold yours later on when your target market and other attendees have a free schedule.

2. Event Venue

In as much as you want to put more emphasis on the product and not the venue, you still need to think this part through. An awesome venue will help a great deal with the marketing of your product. If possible, you should try and associate your product with the venue.

3. What Party Theme Are You Using?

It is crucial that your theme relates to the product you are about to launch. If not, then at least try and make it relate to your industry in general. For example, if you are launching digital marketing software, you should go for an online marketing theme.

4. Make Gadgets and Technology Your Friend

Remember, technology is your friend, use it. Hold webinars to spread the message about your product. With a strategic approach, you can use technology to reach out to your targeted audience, earn their trust, engage them, and ultimately get them to use your product.

5. Audiovisual Videos

This is the best way of driving your leads. Pre-launch videos will help to jump-start your product sales and also help to build the product’s awareness to your targeted audience.

6. Facebook and Instagram

You can start by leaking photos of your product to the social space. Target the audiences that are naturally eager to use your product. Leaked photos and other data will create an aura of intrigue in the audience which, in turn, will build interest in your product.

7. Be Prepared

Ensure you get a head start by preparing long before the product launch date for interviews and shows on the product. Do not expect reporters to show up and write about you or your product when you want them to. Start your outreach activities like 6-8 weeks before your official launch date then ensure you keep the news going up.

8. Give Aways

You may not have the funding at the time to offer your guests a freebie. But you can always get creative with the little you have. Put up a limited offer for a period of time and see what happens.

9. Keeping Your Guests Entertained

You will also need to work out how your guests will be entertained throughout the event. Entertainment will help make the launch event more fun and memorable. You can take advantages of some of your venue’s amenities like organize for a dance if the venue has a dance floor. You could even hire a standup comedian for the event to entertain your guests.

10. Analysis of The Event

After the product’s official release, the hype will eventually start to die down. You can, however, use the day after the launch to keep the hype going for a tad bit longer and use that window to make a few more sales from some of your guests who never got the chance to purchase the product at the event. You will also need to employ some social media activity and newsletters to keep the hype alive.

The Top 6 Real Estate CRM For Converting Leads

If you are looking for the best real estate CRM, then look no further because in this article we have taken the liberty to compile a list – as well as reviewed – of some of the best real estate CRM out there at the moment.

It can be a difficult task trying to handle so much work and have time to research and study, and with this list, we are sure you will find a real estate CRM that will significantly assist you in your endeavors.

The Top 6 Real Estate CRM For Converting Leads

# 1 –  Top Producer – The Market Leading Option

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Top Producer has been one of the most used real estate CRM’s out on the market. They have been one of the go-to real estate CRM ever since CRM has been out; that speaks volumes about this program. How they can stay on top and to remain relevant and prominent ones down to the fact that they consistently update and add new features for the clients.

Furthermore, this program is extremely affordable, and you get a great deal out of it. So with very little to lose and so much to gain – this may very well be the real estate CRM for you.

# 2 –  Followup Boss – Efficiency In Real Estate

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This is an excellent platform for anyone looking to instantly get data on their leads and then immediately follow-up on those leads. With information being so abundant online it can be challenging keeping a hold on a potential client.

There is so much competition out there – but with this platform, you will be able to immediately be notified when you get a lead and then from there follow up. An excellent option for those who like to take action right away – and with instant gratification being the norm nowadays, it is more important than ever to be able to reach out to people as soon as possible.

# 3 –  HubSpot – Free And High Quality

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Although this is not explicitly geared to real estate CRM a significant caveat to using this platform comes down to the fact that it is FREE. So if you are looking to save money, then this may very well be the platform for you.

# 4 –  Contactually – Easy & Straight-Forward Contact Management

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If you are looking to boost your conversion, then Contactually is a great platform. Just arriving on the scene a few years ago it has become a favorite for many real estate companies.

# 5 –  Wise Agent – Ease Of Use

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If you are in need of a switch-army knife real estate program that will be able to handle email, notification, schedules, etc. – then this is the platform for you. Extremely easy to set up and very user-friendly.

# 6 – Vulcan 7

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Now, this last one is unlike any other on this list as this platform targets explicitly cellphones. Now recent research is showing that a great deal of marketing and sells are being made not by desktop anymore but by mobile phones.