11 Creative Ways to Hide TV Cords in Your House

After all that work erecting the most beautiful home theater system, you can’t help but be distracted by those pesky TV cables and cords you just can’t get rid of. HDMI cables, gaming consoles, Android boxes, Blu-ray players, cable boxes, and more. They all have cords.

Appearance-wise, thankfully, there are a few creative ways to hide TV cords around your entertainment hub. Check out these eleven creative ways on how to hide the TV cords around your home:

1. Cable Ties

Even though this doesn’t hide your cords and cables, here’s where cable ties provide value. Organizing your cords in a single strand, it looks more coordinated, purposeful, and stylish.

Assuming you have a TV wall mount where you’re very limited with what you can do with TV cables, using cable ties may be your best solution.

2. Use a TV Stand

Some TV stands have an open back. Use it. Press your stand against the wall and have any TV cords sit safely out of sight. If your stand does not have an open back, you may drill a hole for cables to pass through. This is the laziest way to go about it, but has been used for years by households with no other alternative.

TV stands come in many different shapes and varieties, with each model designed to accommodate different types of televisions. For your flat screen televisions, you can choose between various flat screen TV stands, which come with stylish ways to hide your TV cords. There are also TV stands for LEDs, OLEDs, and other types of television sets.

3. Tubing

Another creative way to hide TV cords is to use tubing. TV cords will look a lot more organized in a cable wrap or tubing. Consolidate all wires inside a dangling tube.

Made from foam, just wrap the tubing around the wire and instantly, you’ve minimized the chaos. You can also create this sort of tubing from almost anything, as long as there’s no fire risk.

4. Duct Tape

Using a wall mount, you likely have at least one or two cords hanging down. Tie them together, cover them in duct tape, and paint over them to match them with the wall. You hide them in plain sight with ease.

Another alternative – and this time with no paint – is to buy a cable concealer. These kits provide a plastic track down which you can feed any wires or cords. Available in neutral colors, a cable concealer kit is a stylish way to add a fresh dynamic to your home theater.

5. Drawer It!

A creative way to hide TV cords is to use a drawer or box to do so. If your flat-screen is on a TV mount, consider installing a drawer or box like you would a shelf. Put your cords in there. If the television’s on a TV stand or cabinet, use a drawer inside the stand or cabinet.

Using a power drill, there’s a lot you can do in modifying a piece of furniture to allow cables and cords to come in and out.

6. Use Your Furniture

The best way to hide TV cords is to not use a wall mount and go with a TV cabinet or stand. Furniture like this has a natural silhouette. You can add anchor cables along the edges with command cord clips.

Press the clips in place for 30 seconds and they should stick. Then, hook cords in one by one. They will run neatly across and down the legs of your cabinet or stand.

7. Use Artificial Plants

Another chance to disguise your abundance of wire and TV cords comes in the use of faux greenery. No watering or maintenance needed. You don’t have to worry about any upkeep. They’re completely artificial.

That said, they give your TV stand a unique look. Adding liveliness, greenery also gives you a wonderful foreground behind which you can blend in your cords with ease.

8. Your Baseboard

Cables and cords are tripping hazards. If they’re low to the ground, snake them along the baseboard. Buy a cord channel to line up against your basement. A high-quality one is self-adhesive and impact-resistant.

Just snake the cord through and you won’t have to worry about damaging those cables. As a bonus, they’re also paintable so you can match it with your household’s interior design aesthetic.

9. Use Fabric

This is a little tricky because if done wrong, it can cause a major fire hazard. Choose a fabric that already fits the color of your wall. A contrasting color can be very stylish. Install the fabric from ceiling to floor in a large strip.

You may want to use a wood frame to position the fabric and maintain it in place. Cut a near TV-sized hole in the fabric and run your cords down the length.

10. Hide TV Wires in the Wall

Hide TV cords in the wall using recessed cable plates. How to do this is, first, use a stud finder. Locate two stud-free sections of the wall behind – preferably one is behind where the TV will be mounted and the other by an outlet.

Make cuts with a utility knife. Fit in two cable plates. Feed cords in and out of the wall. This way, you’ve concealed everything.

11. Hide TV Cords in a Book

Hollow out a book. Place your cords, consoles, routers, or modems there. Alternatively, a binder works equally well. This approach is all about blending TV cords into their surroundings.

This unexpected way of disguising and hiding your cords are great for those who enjoy a ‘literature aesthetic’.