11 Types of Life Coaches and What They Do

A life coach is trained to guide people in developing a plan of action to take them closer to their goals. Their job is to encourage you on the path to success. They offer support, provide advice and use various explorative techniques to facilitate progress. There are various types of life coaches.

For overall personal development, a life coach can offer valuable advice. If you want a narrowed-down approach, you need a specific type of life coach who deals with your kind of situation.

Check out these eleven different types of life coaches and what they do:

Type #1: Family and Relationship Coaches

A family and relationship coach is a type of life coaches that is trained to facilitate conversations among family members and couples who find it difficult to communicate with each other. They help such individuals find practical ways of solving their problems.

For example, a family coach can guide a family in conflict towards restoring harmony. A relationship coach can guide people with a history of failed relationships, or who are experiencing difficulty in finding the right partner.

Type #2: Leadership Coaches

Whether you’re already an executive or a manager or planning to take on a leadership role, having a leadership coach will help you cultivate a leader’s qualities. They are trained to identify your natural personality and skillset and use them to grow you as a leader. Leadership coaching is another form of business coaching.

Type #3: Career Coaches

While a career coach tends to be confused with a business coach, they are actually quite different. A career coach specializes in supporting and guiding those looking to begin, change or advance their career.

If you have just completed your degree, a career coach will guide you through building your resume, handling interviews, and finding a job that’s in line with your passion.

Type #4: Business Coaches

A business coach works with both companies and individuals. Whether you want to better yourself as an employer or employee, a business coach will help you make the most of your current position.

With the help of a certified business coach, you can meet your clients’ needs more efficiently. You can also improve your standing in the workplace and even become the star of your company.

Type #5: Divorce Coaches

Just to make it clear, a divorce coach is not the same as a mediator or lawyer. This life coach is there to help and guide you through this difficult emotional process. A trained divorce coach helps you make wise decisions throughout the experience with minimum pain. They also guide you on how to move forward with your life.

Type #6: Financial Coaches

It’s no secret that many people today have money issues. You either don’t have enough or don’t know how to handle it when you do.

A financial coach is trained to help individuals make wise financial decisions. Instead of telling you what you need to do, they show you how to handle financial decisions on your own. You will learn how to create a budget, save and make better financial choices.

Type #7: General Life Coaches

Sometimes you may not have a specific issue you need to be addressed. You may need some direction and support. This is where general life coaches come in handy. Instead of concentrating on one specific area, they are trained in a variety of areas.

This makes them capable of providing support in a more general way. They will show you how to stop self-destructive behaviours, build new and healthy habits, and keep growing to become the best version of yourself.

Type #8: Health Coaches

A health coach is specially trained to guide you through the journey of taking care of your body and mind. “Health coaching” is a vague term that includes holistic coaches, nutritional coaches and weight management coaches. With a health coach, you learn useful things like what makes a diet and a lifestyle change different.

Type #9: Mindfulness Coaches

A mindfulness coach uses the mindfulness principle. This type of life coach guides you toward becoming present and seeing your blockages clearly.

You will learn how to practice mindfulness in your day-to-day life, find the best meditating times and the best meditation practices.

Type #10: Sober Coaches

A sober coach is also known as a recovery coach. This life coach is trained to guide those recovering from different kinds of addiction through the process.

A sober coach helps you get and stay sober to get you on a healthy and sustainable recovery path. They teach you how to have fun without drinking and building healthy coping mechanisms for a sober life.

Type #11: Christian Life Coaches

A Christian life coach is exactly what it sounds like. For those who need guidance on religious matters, support from a fellow believer is helpful. This type of life coach will guide you in the journey of living in God’s will and develop you into someone who both God and you are proud of.

Generally, a life coach will help you set or refocus your goals, prepare for potential challenges, and recognize your unique abilities, talents and skills. You can become the best version of yourself with the right life coach.