12 Different Types of Charitable Donations

Making a tax-beneficial charitable donation is a great way to support a cause or organization important to you. Unfortunately, in the past two years amongst the COVID-19 pandemic, charitable donations across the board have fallen. Meanwhile, there has been an increase in the use of organizations, such as food banks.

If you are looking to make a charitable donation, there are numerous opportunities available. Check out these twelve different types of charitable donations:

Type #1: Food Bank Donations

Food banks accept all sorts of non-perishable goods, of course. They will accept monetary donations as well. You know what you’re giving will go directly to someone in need with a donation like this. It’s important to note, with food banks, that there are local organizations and then those working on a global scale to abolish world hunger. Either are fine places to put your dollar. Every little bit counts.

Type #2: Education Donations

Some schools partner with charitable organizations to provide education to those in need. If you know of young students who may need more attention than others or more assistance, donations can help these students and others. Donations to education help purchase textbooks and make education more accessible internationally.

Type #3: Church Donations

Churches are always in need of charitable donations to help with various programs and services. Contrary to popular belief from non-churchgoers, donations to the church do not sit directly with the church organization. Nearly everything is spread out across programs and initiatives, internationally and locally.

It’s not uncommon to see a church raising money in support of local causes and charities, for disaster relief abroad, or to help a family in need pay their utility bills. Church donations are an excellent way to give money somewhere that you know will arguably make the greatest impact. United Church of Canada and other communities will benefit tremendously from your charitable donations.

Type #4: Health Research Donations

Many health research organizations look into various cancers and diseases, searching for cures and treatments that work and distributing existing medical treatments. These types of charitable donations are ideal if you have a family member or know someone sick with a specific condition. Donating to health research can help distribute much-needed funds to a sector of research, or distribute important drugs and medications to those in need.

Type #5: Arts Service Donations

Many national arts service programs and organizations focus on supporting local artists. These local arts programs target specific demographics. Your charitable donation to these programs can mean the world in boosting enrollment and investing in local culture.

Type #6: Amateur Athletic Donations

Several amateur athletic organizations are registered to receive charitable donations. These types of donations are ideal if you have a passion for a specific sport. Similarly, you may want to support your local community’s teams. You can help raise money for a charity-based initiative and support their worthy cause.

Type #7: Homeless Shelter Donations

You can make charitable contributions to local homeless shelters that help different secure protections for local community members in need. Although things like food, hygiene products, and clothing are highly sought after, a cash donation or financial contribution is just as welcome. It can certainly be used to contribute to several needs at the shelter.

Type #8: Environmental Protection Donations

Many environmental protection groups and eco-friendly initiatives led by charity organizations exist to use charitable contributions. If you are passionate about the environment, several organizations are willing to accept these types of charitable donations domestically and internationally. Local or national chapters of several multi-national environmental conversation groups can be easily researched and contacted for further information.

Type #9: International Charitable Donations

Our country is blessed with several charities that focus on helping international communities in need. A lot of these efforts are also coordinated through local churches and charities. A great example of this is charities that focus on building wells latrines and facilitating access to water in parts of the world where water is not as readily available as it is here.

Type #10: Literacy Donations

Literacy organizations for adults and children alike exist, facilitating access to books and instructional programs to help improve reading and comprehension. Literacy is unquestionably one of the most important skills for individuals, regardless of whether they are still developing their education or in the workforce.

Type #11: Housing Donations

There is no questioning the need for more affordable housing for Canadians and families struggling. Registered housing corporations are building Low-income housing and low-cost housing every day. Looking into donating to these programs can ensure your money is purposed towards a home for someone in need.

Type #12: Addiction Recovery Donations

Several charity organizations are involved with addiction recovery and helping out recovery centres and addiction programs. A donation here will provide these programs with financial assistance that translates to helping individuals and family members recover from addictions, allowing them to find the courage and tools to move on and lead positive lives in the community.