4 Situations When You Should Get a Divorce Lawyer

The process for filing for divorce can be a long one. With emotions running high and many details to sort through, many become overwhelmed. That is why hiring a divorce lawyer is so important. A divorce lawyer is a neutral third party to help settle matters from an objective, and knowledgable point of view. If your situation fits any of these four scenarios, definitely consider hiring a lawyer.

1. There are children involved.

Children can complicate any divorce process. It must be determined how custody will be split, where the children will live, and how visitation will be structured. If financial support is needed for one or both parents, this must be organized as well. Lawyers understand this process and can help reach a conclusion that is in the best interest of not only the parents but the children.

2. There are assets.

Assets, especially those that were acquired during the marriage, need to be split during the process of divorce or separation. It is typically presumed that most assets will be split evenly, but one spouse may feel entitled to the full value of one or more assets such as a business. This will require negotiations or even a resolution made by a judge. These difficult assets and scenarios will require knowledge and negotiation skills to divide. Visit Matrimonial Home for more information and resources.

3. There are current end of life plans.

Most make end of life plans after getting married and having children to ensure their spouse and families are protected during a loss. Once divorced, though, one or both spouses may want to alter those plans. A will, appointment of power of attorney (enduring or otherwise), and life insurance beneficiaries are some of the documents that will need to be updated. Consulting a lawyer during this process helps ensure all new documents are legal and old ones are void.

4. Both parties agree on everything.

Even if both parties are in complete agreement about the divorce, assets, and children, it is still wise to get a divorce lawyer. Depending on the unique circumstances, there may be more steps involved than initially presumed. A lawyer can help both spouses understand the requirements for applying for a divorce, how to file properly, and can translate “legalese” to make sure all arrangements are correctly and legally documented.

There is almost no situation where consulting a divorce lawyer will not be beneficial. Hiring a lawyer can save time, energy, and money in the long run. Make sure to do thorough research and find a lawyer that suits your family’s unique needs.