5 Different Types of Sectionals and Their Features

Do you have space in your living room for lots of seating? Maybe you are considering putting in a couch, love seat and even a chair. If a few walls need to be filled up and you want a customizable option everyone loves, why not go for a sectional? A sectional gives you ample seating that connects around a room and allows for stretching out, cuddling up and even sleeping.

A sectional is a couch that consists of two or more pieces joined together in different configurations to provide ample seating in your home. It is so versatile and will be able to fit in most rooms by adjusting the layout that works best. Sectional sofas come in many shapes and sizes, with the multiple sections creating one continuous sofa.

Where a standard sofa is one piece, your sectional comes in several sections. The decision to get one comes down to the need for extra, comfortable seating and the best use of space. This flexible option is perfect for families and those that entertain.

If that sounds like a great idea for your living room, there are many options available. Here are five different types of sectionals:

Type #1: Sectional Chaise

Chaise refers to a wheeled travelling carriage from the 17th century in Europe, but the word is French for the chair. A chaise lounge is a chair that extends out long enough to put your legs up and is great for relaxing. You get the best of a sofa and chaise lounge with a sectional chaise.

One end operates as a standard sofa while the other end extends out. This sofa chaise can allow you to recline and stretch out without interrupting others sitting on the sectional, and it can even come with two chaises on either end and be in an L or U shape.

Type #2: L-Shaped Sofa

Think of a huge letter L in your front room, and you get the layout quickly. This is the typical layout for a sectional and works very well in rooms where you can wrap around your sitting area. They provide lots of leg room and ample seating while allowing you to sit on the end of the couch and easily face each other in conversation.

These types of sectional sofas are also great for game nights because they wrap halfway around your coffee table. They can be left-arm facing or right-arm facing with one shorter section, and some have equal lengths on both sides. They also go along with many living room furniture sets with a range of versatile styles.

Type #3: U-Shaped Sofa

This is another orientation that sets up as a U. It can be shallow or a wide U, depending on the space you have, and they are a great way to house large families or get-togethers. They are also great for game nights, sports game nights, and long conversations in utter comfort.

These types of sectionals are a must if you have a little extra space in your living room or basement entertaining area. They give you all the seating you need for larger groups and are ideal for games, sleepovers and intense conversation. Use this guide when considering your sectional options, and enjoy your new seating paradise.

Type #4: Sofa Pit

This takes couch surfing to the next level. A sofa pit looks like a large bed in your living room with the width of a large couch and a chaise-style extension all the way along. The whole family can snuggle up for movie nights with this super-sectional, and it’s also great for kids’ sleepovers and general lounging.

Some have an ottoman that slides in and out, transforming into a U-shaped sectional. If you have a movie room, this is the sectional you want.

Type #5: Modular Sectional

A module sectional comprises several pieces that can be configured in many different ways using some or all of the components. They can become other sectional layouts like L and U, but they can also be different.

Most have a corner section with an armrest, and then you just add on. You can even make two separate couches out of it. With most sectionals, you can also get custom add-ons. These enhance the couch experience and even provide sleeping options.

Sleeper sectionals are sofa beds on steroids because you pull out a hidden bed while still having others sitting on the couch. This gives you a solution for when you have guests over but don’t have a spare bedroom.

Reclining sectionals put a manual or electric recliner on one or both ends so two people can push back and lounge even more. They are very luxurious and perfect for watching movies or sports. Sectionals also have more room to add additional options like cup holders, storage areas and even built-in USB chargers.