6 Famous Wine Brands Around the World

When it comes to wine, you usually opt for the choice that you know is trusted and popular. Although the most famous wine brands might not always offer the most exquisite vintages, there is also a reason why they’ve achieved the level of recognition that they have.

If you’re new to wine and are looking for a popular choice that is sure to please, it can be useful to familiarize yourself with a few of the most famous wine brands. This way, you will be able to buy the best wines when browsing for the selection online.

Here are six of the most famous wine brands around the world:

1. Barefoot

Selling upwards of 22.5 million cases of product per year, it is safe to say that Barefoot has definitely established themselves as one of the world’s most famous wine brands. Owned by E&J Gallo, Barefoot is, by some estimates, considered the largest selling wine globally.

With a wide range to choose from, they offer a large selection of reds, whites, and bubbles. The brand has managed to achieve a laidback and fun identify, perfect for the casual drinker who wants something tasty, approachable, but doesn’t take the nuances of wine too seriously.

2. Lindeman’s

One of Australia’s most famous wine producers, Lindeman’s is owned by Treasury Wine Estates and has been around since the mid 1800s, when Henry Lindeman planted his very first vine in New South Wales. It has been on a steady climb ever since and is now among the wine brands with the widest name recognition in the world.

Enjoying a good reputation as far as mass producers go, Lindeman’s is known as a reliable, good quality wine at a decent price. Perfect for those looking to explore some of the more common grape varieties, Lindeman’s consistently makes it on to the top seller’s list for their sauvignon blanc and chardonnay.

3. Concha Y Toro

One of the Chilean wine industry’s biggest claim to fame, Concha Y Toro is in fact the largest producer of wines from Latin America. Headquartered in Santiago, it is estimated that this prolific winery produces over 16 million cases of wine a year.

Their wine is sold in 140 countries around the world and has had a reputation for quality since they were founded in 1883. Boasting some truly fine wines, Concha Y Toro isn’t afraid to get experimental and is widely praised for their modern approach to wine making.

4. Gallo

Another famous wine brand in the American wine industry, Gallo has been around for less than a hundred years but is currently the largest exporter of wines in California. Currently distributing to over 90 countries, Gallo is known for recruiting highly skilled winemakers that ensure each bottle delivers a consistent colour, quality, and taste.

5. Yellowtail

Established in 2000, Yellowtail has been quick to make a name for themselves in the Australian market and beyond. With a production capacity of around 300 million litres, their strategic exporting has made them one of the most widely drank wines in the United States. Always looking to evolve, the brand offers a huge selection of wine and alcoholic beverages, from their Jammy Red Roo to their Sangria Blanco.

6. Great Wall

With a main office located at the foot of the Great Wall of Chine, this famous Chinese wine brand is estimated to have about 74.8 hectares of vineyard in the country. Growing 10 different grape varieties, they use imported winemaking equipment brought in from places like Germany, Italy, and France. With everything from sparkling to fortified wines, their popular range of products places them firmly as one of the world’s top wine brands.