6 Types of Naturopathic Doctors and Their Specialties

In modern medicine practices, patients usually seek the advice of a professional for their opinion. Doctors from all backgrounds have garnered extensive experience, in order to best help their patients. However, what may come as a surprise to some is that all medical professionals have their own unique approaches.

Take, for example, the area of naturopathy, which is an entire body of alternative medicine in totality. Naturopathy has professionals from all environments, each of which having the experience to serve clientele. A naturopath North York specializes in treatments that are based on holistic healing.

Here are six types of naturopathic doctors and their specialties:

Type #1: Naturopathic Doctors

First and foremost, it is important to discuss naturopathy, and who works in this specific area. Naturopathic doctors can be considered to be a multidisciplinary focus of alternative medicinal practice. Doctors from this background use a variety of systems, such as nutrition, and develop a plan for the respective patient.

For the most part, naturopathic doctors believe that healing can come from the body itself. Instead of working on various symptoms emanating from a disease, naturopathic doctors work on the ailment itself. Emphasizing these medicinal approaches for long-term healing is the goal of most of these professionals.

Type #2: Ayurvedic Physicians

Ayurvedic physicians is a type of naturopathic doctors who work primarily within the premise of Ayurveda. The idea of Ayurveda was founded in India, and focuses on elements of earth, air, fire, water, and ether.

Depending on the patient’s personality type, an expert Ayurvedic physician will be able to develop an efficient plan. From yoga, to guided meditation, to natural-based diets, each approach will vary!

Type #3: Massage Therapists

What many may be surprised to hear is that massage therapy is considered as holistic healing too! A licensed practitioner will be able to develop a massage program that works on both cellular and hormonal levels. When the therapy is applied for the long-term, a patient will begin to feel the benefits.

For example, for those who suffer from chronic back pain, the right massage therapist can pinpoint areas of pain. Once this is acted upon on a daily basis, a patient may be able to feel immense relief. Even the effects of chronic ailments, such as depression or asthma, can be mitigated! If you are an athlete, you will be able to benefit from an established routine as well.

Type #4: Osteopaths

Speaking of chronic conditions, our bodies may begin to experience wear and tear overtime. The human body is not impervious, and it will become susceptible to even the lightest of accidents if not careful. If you do not want to seek out conventional medicinal plans, try looking for an osteopath.

Osteopaths work specifically on bodily areas that are painful. The back and neck, in particular, can be vulnerable to constant pain on a day-to-day basis. Strengthening the muscles in these areas, as well as areas such as connective tissue, are all usually done in a non-invasive manner. These experts also work with doctors on a regular basis; you may have seen one in the past!

Type #5: Hypnotherapists

Despite what stereotypical representations have shown, hypnotherapists are a popular form of naturopathy. Under the guidance of a registered and licensed hypnotherapist, the approach can be a relaxing form of therapy. Patients who suffer from chronic pain, generally speaking, seek out this type of treatment. However, other conditions can be worked on by this expert.

Many patients who suffer from debilitating mental conditions also benefit from hypnotherapy. Even if a slight phobia is affecting your daily life, hypnotherapists will develop a plan unique to your circumstances. No matter your background, coverage can benefit you. It is increasingly becoming popular, and not without good reason!

Type #6: Homeopaths

Similar in vein to an Ayurvedic physician and hypnotherapist, this naturopathic specialist works with natural forms of medicine. Commonly, patients seek out the assistance of a homeopath, in order to find relief from their physical and mental conditions. Usually, a homeopath will use various types of substances in their approach.

These types of substances may carry additional effects, to which the homeopath will advise their patient on. For the patient’s safety, however, these substances are diluted to the point of efficacy. Research has illustrated that homeopathy can resolve even the slightest of conditions, such as seasonal allergies!

When it comes to strengthening the human body, medicine may have to go beyond the conventional approach. Although prescriptive medicine can aid in a number of ways, naturopathic doctors will use unique plans to benefit their patients. All plans are developed using the same sentiment; to bring about a holistic form of healing!