7 Different Types of Rooms in a Luxury House

Your home is your castle, regardless of the square footage, and it is where you hang your hat and maybe even park your Ferrari. Homes come in all shapes and sizes, but certain rooms are necessary, like a kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms and living room.

If you are looking for a luxury home, the options for extra features are almost endless. Luxury homes for sale contain many different types of rooms, featuring every purpose imaginable. After all, people expect to get more living spaces to enjoy their life with their families.

Are you wondering what types of rooms are in a luxury home? Let’s take a look inside your typical one. Here are the seven different types of rooms in a luxury house:

Type #1: Media Room

Everyone loves to watch tv and movies, and with all the different streaming services, people are buying bigger TVs and surround sound to watch them. This is usually in the living room or a rec room in the basement, but for a luxury home, there is a dedicated room for media enjoyment.

Media rooms will have a larger-than-life screen and seating that may include plush recliners or authentic-looking cinema seats. They will usually be tiered so there are no obstructed views, and the room will be soundproof with dark-coloured walls to get the movie theatre effect. The sound system will be amazing, too, with built-in speakers flanking both sides of the room and at the back, and some even have a concession bar with theatre-type food and drink.

2. Butler’s Pantry

A deluxe home will have a large kitchen, a huge island with a bar area for stools, and usually a cooktop. There will be ample counter space for kitchen gadgets, different zones for food prep, and a large stove and fridge. You’d think with all the space of an executive kitchen, you wouldn’t need more area, but in a luxury home, you will typically have a butler’s kitchen.

What if you don’t have a butler? This is a name for a transitional service area between the kitchen and dining room that used to be where butlers worked during meal service to better perform their roles. Now it is a service and storage room where you can prep food and drinks, store table and glassware, and house a wine cooler, dishwasher and even another fridge. It helps with large-scale entertaining to make things more efficient.

3. Games Room

A deluxe games room is a must for a luxury house, and it will include the following:

  • Bar
  • Pool table
  • Games table
  • Plush couches and chairs
  • Big screen for sports watching

Some more features you may find are a wine cellar, video arcade and even a bowling alley. This is an entertainment space for family and friends, which is essential for sure.

4. Pool Room

A pool is mandatory in an upscale home, but some even go so far as to bring it indoors with a dedicated room.

A pool room consists of entertaining and relaxing space with the focal point of a swimming pool in the centre. It usually has large floor-to-ceiling windows that open up to the outdoors and let the sunshine out without worrying about the weather. You may see a bar fully stocked with glassware and spirits and a hot tub and sauna. When the glass doors are pulled back, there is access to grilling and outdoor activities in the landscaped backyard. Some even have pools that continue indoors to outdoors.

5. Fitness Room

Many homes find space to have a small home gym with weights and a treadmill, but luxury homes dedicate a larger area for exercise.

Here you will find a variety of workout equipment like:

  • Rowing machine
  • Commercial treadmill
  • Free weights
  • Heavy bag
  • Power rack
  • Elliptical machine
  • Medicine ball
  • Kettlebells
  • Workout benches

Depending on the type of training, there may be an open mat space to bring private trainers for yoga, martial arts and Qigong.

6. Panic Room

A panic room is a fortified space used when there is a need to have a safe and secure shelter within the home. These are becoming more common in luxury homes as there is the threat of home invasion with more expensive properties. These safety rooms can get decked out with all the amenities required for an extended stay and morph into bomb shelters that can give haven to families from natural disasters, mass shootings and any end-of-world situations.

Panic rooms are hidden with false walls, have floor-to-ceiling ballistic fibreglass or blast-proof steel and can have a tunnel system to take people out of the home to a secret exit on the property.

7. Amenities Room

There is so much you can do when you have the money to build a luxury home. Many of these rooms are from a bygone era of wealth and royalty. If you are in the market for a luxury home, put some of these rooms on your wish list.

Some other amenities to include in a luxury home are:

  • Library
  • Cigar room
  • Wine tasting room
  • Elevator
  • Executive home office
  • Conservatory
  • Hearth room
  • Parlour