7 Secrets That Can Be Unearthed Using DNA Testing

As DNA testing becomes more commonplace, previously unknown genetic information is easier to access. Below are seven secrets and mysteries that can be found out with DNA tests.

1. Your Parentage

Individuals that were adopted can always choose to begin their serious biological parent search by submitting to a DNA test. It can help locate parents that have DNA in a registry or at least help you begin to locate close family members. It’s a valuable tool in your search. It’s commonly used with success as a test to confirm the father in cases where the paternity is in dispute.

2. Half and Full Siblings

The advancements in DNA testing have come so far that it can now be determined whether you are a full or half-sibling to another individual. It helps when you are trying to fully map out a family tree correctly. It can also unbury family secrets that are better brought into the open for full disclosure and honest communication.

3. Health Status

The genetic makeup you have can tell a lot about your current health. Your ability to absorb sugars, sensitivities to things like milk, nuts, or gluten, and other allergy predispositions can be seen through your genetic structure. You can learn the secrets to keeping yourself healthy by understanding how your body is built to work.

4. Predisposition to Disease

Diseases like diabetes, heart disease, cancer, dementia, and more can be carried down the family genetic line. Finding out that a distant family member has a particular disease doesn’t mean you’ll definitely come down with the same diagnosis. It gives you a baseline of disorders to look at in case you begin to experience serious health problems.

5. Genetic Abnormalities

Certain genetic abnormalities can cause serious birth defects and are carried down the family lines. You can be at high risk of having a child with a serious genetic problem and not even know it without the testing.

6. Ancestral Origin

You can now find out the exact location your ancestors came from anywhere in the world. It’s possible to know the percentages of ancestral DNA you have and determine your primary heritage. You can always learn more at the www.crigenetics.com website.

7. Find Lost Family

The increase of divorce rates over the decades has lead to fractured families that lose track of one another. You can locate long lost siblings, uncles, aunts, cousins, and other relatives through DNA tests and available databases.

Uncover a few family secrets by using an affordable and convenient DNA testing kit that gives you all the answers you need.