8 Different Types of Candles and Their Features

Are you the type of person who likes to turn the lights low and put out some candles to set the mood? Maybe you’re a prepper that wants a non-electrical light source for when the power grid goes down. Whatever your reasons for wanting to have candles on hand, they are versatile and handy in many situations.

Candles provide lighting, ambiance, and style. They make excellent gifts for friends and decorations for houses. Wondering what candles you should get? Here are eight different types of candles and their features:

Type #1: Tea Light Candles

Tea light candles are the types most people are familiar with. Tea lights are small and inexpensive and are very safe to use. They don’t cast too much light, but you can group them to add some intimate light to your room.

Tea lights are poured into their metal containers and can be put on a small plate. Alternatively, you can pick from the wide variety of tea light holders on the market. You may also get tea lights made with organic materials. Natural candles are popular due to their environmental benefits.

Because of their size, they won’t last long. However you can buy them in bulk and use them around your house anytime you need soft illumination.

Type #2: Votive Candles

Coming in a little larger but still pretty small is the votive candle. These types of candles last surprisingly long, considering their size, and they burn smokeless. You can light these to provide illumination for the whole night, and they will simply burn out when all the wax is done, so there’s no need to worry about monitoring them too much.

Votive candles come in rounded and square and can be put in a vessel or open on a small plate or stand. They are also known as prayer candles and look great when grouped and lit for your intimate evening.

Type #3: Taper Candles

These are the types of candles most people are familiar with, and they look great in a dinner setting. They are long and tapered and fit into a classic candle holder, but you need to ensure they are upright so the wax runs down the sides instead of dripping off the edge.

This gives a nice look as the candle burns and streaks down. Taper candles will burn up to 10 hours, so they work great for a family feast or romantic dinner.

Type #4: Pillar Candles

Are you looking for a candle that is a statement piece? A pillar candle stands tall and wide, so it doesn’t need a holder or stand. They come in many sizes, and the bigger ones even have multiple wicks.

These types candles should have a protective base like a plate under them to keep things safe, but they will burn for many evenings and provide good intimate lighting for any occasion you want.

Type #5: Candle Pots

A candle pot is a great, self-contained candle that you can place anywhere without worrying about keeping a close eye on it. They are a candle in a jar, and instead of just putting a casted candle on a stand, the wax is poured inside the jar, pot or glass so it can’t fall out or come loose. They also come with lids, so when you are done enjoying your candle, you can blow it out and seal it up.

There are a variety of sizes and shapes as well as colours and scents, and you can buy multiple candles that provide aromatherapy and different smells, depending on your mood. It’s the perfect, portable, mobile candle rig.

Type #6: Floating Candles

A floating candle will add some drama and flair to your night. These candles don’t use a stand or need a plate underneath because they are designed to float on water. They can be placed in any size container with water. If it is a larger, deeper vessel, the candle can move around and reflect light off the surface.

You can buy a floating candle with a glass container in one or make your own with decorations, rocks and anything else you like. Then, place the candle on the water’s surface and light it up. It will only last a few hours, but that should provide the mood lighting centrepiece for a nice dinner party.

Type #7: Cartridge Candles

Cartridge candles are an innovation that removes the worry of dripping wax and a messy clean-up. They are designed with an inner spring-loaded cartridge to bring the wax to the top, so it is always burning at the same height. The outer shell is aluminum and can be reused with cartridge refills.

Type #8: Flameless Candles

Are you looking for safe candles? Flameless candles provide the same look and feel as real candles without the flame or heat. They are battery-operated and can be turned on with a switch at the bottom or by remote control. Some even can be programmed to turn on and off when you want them to. These types of candles come in many styles. They are a safe alternative, so you don’t need to keep a watchful eye over them or worry about children handling them.

Having candles in your home adds warmth and intimacy for you and your loved ones. Enjoy the different types of candles and allow the soft, flickering illumination to set your evening’s mood.