8 Different Types of Commercial Construction Projects

Are you curious about commercial construction? Typically, house building requires many of the same trades and workmanship. However, the scope is much bigger for a commercial project. Commercial buildings range in size from small retail shops to high-rise hotels and hospitals. These buildings create a landmark and hub in many communities and cities.

A construction company Edmonton may specialize in commercial projects, residential projects, or a mixture of both. When it comes to commercial construction, there are different kinds available. Here are eight common types of commercial construction projects:

Type #1: Retail & Grocery Store Construction

These types of commercial construction are the stores that you see lining the streets around town. They could be stand-alone buildings or strip malls, but they all house consumer goods that we use in everyday life.

Storefront and interior layout is crucial to attracting customers with these builds. Besides the standard structural framing materials, there will be exterior facades and buildouts on walls and roofs to give a unique appearance and a trademark look branded to match a chain of stores.

Type #2: Office Building Construction

An office is where employees spend their day working behind a desk and meeting with clients. This construction requires large open spaces and small offices for day-to-day operations.

Depending on the design and need, it could be a one-level building for a company or a high-rise skyscraper that houses commercial tenants with various services. These buildings will require space for servers and high-speed communications, as well as a fire escape and public washroom facilities throughout the structure, which is built into the design. There may also be kitchen and cafeteria components, underground parking, and loading bays for deliveries and shipping.

Type #3: Restaurant Construction

A restaurant is typically a stand-alone building but may also anchor a mall or other structure. A restaurant chain will have a similar look and design to the parent company and a consistent buildout inside.

Local regulations could come into effect when constructing these commercial buildings as they require large kitchen facilities and safety protocols for operation. Design is also a huge factor as they need to have attractive street appeal to get a piece of the consumer dollar.

Type #4: Lodging Construction

This covers motels and hotels and ranges from roadside inns to resort-style hotel complexes. The larger the project, the more facilities and services that are required, and this include:

  • Fitness centres
  • Swimming pools
  • Retail shopping
  • Dining areas
  • Entertainment venues

A lot goes into these builds, and they can be very complex. Design is a huge part of the construction, with multiple structures, walking paths, and outdoor facilities. These projects take careful planning and engineering to bring them together, especially for resorts with 100s of rooms.

Type #5: Sports Centre Construction

These are large-scale projects that dot our communities and serve the public well. They provide a venue for sports, trade shows and even concerts, so the public amenities need to match capacity. This means food service, both commercial kitchens and retail food outlets inside.

You will also require extensive washroom facilities for the guests. Meeting rooms, players’ locker rooms, arena seating, security and medical hub, custodial storage, and a host of other staff and communication requirements mean a complicated design that must work seamlessly in front and behind the scenes.

Many other add-ons come with a sports centre, including fitness centres, banquet halls and media rooms. All of this is constructed by a large team of trades workers, architects, designers, engineers, contractors and project management.

Type #6: Schools & University Construction

There is a demand for different facilities for educational buildings like schools and universities. You need to build:

  • Offices
  • Classrooms
  • Storage rooms
  • Gymnasiums
  • Cafeterias
  • Dorms

At a university, there will be multiple buildings, each that may have a unique design with various structural components. Interconnected roadways and walking paths will weave through the campus to move people from housing to educational buildings. It is a huge project with lots of moving parts and timelines for construction.

Type #7: Medical Care Construction

This covers hospitals and other care facilities, and these are projects that require many different structures and amenities. The construction will include low to high-rise buildings for patient care and housing, food service areas, offices and staff rooms, industrial plants for running utilities and loading docks for equipment and deliveries.

This requires not only all the trades and management but also medical experts working on the design to bring the wide variety of medical equipment and supplies routed into the rooms, operating theatres and storage areas.

Type #8: Industrial Construction

This type of commercial building is specific to the industry and company, so most projects will be unique. They require large buildings for manufacturing and processing, and these need services like water, steam and high voltage to run plants or refineries.

Heavy equipment will be accessing different areas around the facility and require loading docks for truck and train deliveries and shipments. Robust safety equipment and stations are also built into the project.

These are the types of commercial construction projects that are built in most cities and towns. They are there to serve the public and provide employment in the community not only when they are operating but during their buildout. They truly are a feat of engineering and construction.