Advantages of Real Estate CRM

Real Estate CRM software provides those working in the real estate industry with a considerable number of benefits that must be evaluated in order to understand the magnitude of the efficiency of this tool, which has undoubtedly caused a revolution in the way these businesses are managed.

Agenda with reminder for appointment management

Among the most important functions of a Real Estate CRM application are an agenda that generates alarms that have the purpose of showing pending appointments with date, time and place of the meeting, avoiding the risk of losing customers for failure to attend a meeting where most likely to generate a positive negotiation for the company.


Effective verification of all communications that are made with other agencies and those that are made internally, this function keeps active all the action plans of the real estate.

Automation of the Marketing of the real estate

With a system of this type everything concerning the promotion and sales of a real estate agency is automated with great ease, providing clear information every time it is required, since everything in the system is stored through well identified records, classified and organized in very well-structured databases and best of all, is that all this information is available on a single platform.

Location Services

The technology used in CRM systems allows the use of location based services, this provides a diversity of alternatives for action plans in areas that are geographically difficult to access, and a real estate CRM system, allows the use of the benefits of specialized geographic location systems, which are used in the real estate market to find potential clients and opportunities to negotiate properties.

Fully automated Salesforce

This feature of a CRM system gives real estate professionals, agencies and agents who normally use Salesforce, the opportunity to have at hand the location to control all communications and minimize the risks of redundancy of information being sent.