6 Best Car Upgrades for Beginners

Having your car is the literal key to freedom. Hopefully, you love your ride and feel good driving it around town. There is always room for improvement, as great or not so great as your car is.

Upgrading your car is fun, and there are so many things you can modify, from appearing to performance. Suppose you are new to car mods, though. Check out these best car upgrades for beginners:

1. Car Coil Overs

Are you looking to change how your car rides and get that aggressive look? Coil-overs are one of the best car upgrades for beginners. These over springs are easy to install and allow you to adjust the suspension by raising it or lowering it on an adjustable perch. This height and dampening mod will alter the car’s handling by making it stiffer, and by having this lower profile, the chance of a body rolling around fast corners is mitigated.

You should consider how low you want to go because too much, and you have to deal with speed bumps, inclines and uneven roads that may cause you to bottom out as your car makes contact with the road. Adjustable coil-overs allow you to quickly adjust the height if you are going on a road trip or showing off your car at an event.

2. Car Wheels & Tires

These upgrades drastically change the look of your car and are simple to change out. You just pick out the type of rim you want and mount new tires on them.

The wheels you choose will affect the car’s handling and are an eye-catcher as you drive down the road. You can get:

  • Studded rims
  • Chrome rims
  • Matte rims
  • Aluminum rims

Your choice of wheels will affect your car’s handling, speed, and performance.

Upgrading your tires will give you a dramatic change in look and feel. The enhancement of performance tires provides better handling and control as they grip the road with their low profile. Tires are one of the most cost-effective improvements you can make for your car.

3. Car Body Wraps

To drastically change your car’s appearance, you can apply a car wrap to different parts or the whole vehicle. A car wrap is a decal made from vinyl placed over your car’s body panels and instantly changes the car’s colour and texture. Colours are almost endless, and finishes include high-gloss, matte, chrome metallic and gradient colours. You can also get whatever graphic treatment you choose.

It is a little pricey to do the whole car, but you can make an impact with a partial wrap on just the roof, hood, doors or rearview mirrors, and it still looks great. You can even just get graphics down the side of the car.

4. Automotive LED Lights

How about a car upgrade that makes driving safer and looks cool? You need to get LED lights! Automotive LED lights are interchangeable with all your lights, including:

Exterior Lights

  • Headlights
  • Taillights
  • Brake lights
  • Running lights
  • Turn signals
  • Licence plate lights

Interior Lights

  • Gauge lights
  • Instrument cluster
  • Trunk lights
  • Map lights

LED lights are much brighter than standard halogen lights, so it’s safer to drive at night, especially when there are no street lights on the road or foggy out. They also use less energy and last longer, with up to 20,000 hours, which will impact your wallet in a good way. And they look better too with a brighter white colour instead of the yellow tint of a halogen light.

5. Car Interior Mods

Upgrades aren’t just about the outside of your car. You can start your modifications on the inside, and it will get immediate attention.

Your upholstery may have taken a beating over the car’s life, but it can be changed with different fabrics like leather and many colours. If that is above the budget, consider seat covers to transform.

Pedal pads turn your boring rubber pedals into a racing profile with metal or coloured ones. This will give you a better grip and look amazing too. Don’t forget a new steering wheel cover and a racing-style gear shifter. This can be coordinated along with the pedals and seat covers to catch the eye and make your ride look unique.

6. Car Sound System

In the old days, car radios were pretty basic. You had a radio and a few speakers, and that’s about it. Today and most cars have a good sound system right from the factory. You could rip that out and put a new one in, but why not just enhance the sound without taking the dashboard part.

The trunk is a perfect spot to upgrade your system because there is room to put in bigger components like a powered subwoofer and a high-end amp. Put in a few big speakers to bring your songs to a new level and crank it up on your next road trip.

It’s exciting to trick out your ride, and for a beginner, why not try out these best car upgrades and get noticed while driving around town.