How to Vape Without Coughing a Lot

Vaping has taken the world by storm, and for a good reason; it’s fun and a great alternative to tobacco smoking. You can have a good time cloud chasing and experience a lot of different tastes from various juices, but unfortunately, there is a negative side effect. Coughing is common amongst people who vape, especially new users, and there are many reasons why. 

Most of the time, coughing from vaping will be temporary and go away over time. Coughing may also signify that you need to take a little break from vaping. Listen to your body because knowledge is power, and you want to enjoy your vaping experience. There are ways to lessen the irritation in your throat and lungs that cause the coughing.

Understanding your technique and developing habits that reduce the irritation that leads to coughing. Are you having trouble with coughing when you vape? Let’s go over some ways on how to inhale a vape without coughing:

Inhale a vape

Many people who pick up vaping are smokers first. They are used to inhaling deeply into their lungs and taking frequent drags off their cigarette or even chain-smoking. At the same time, cigarettes and vapes seem similar; vaping needs to be approached differently.

Vaping is more about the experience, the flavour and the clouds. You don’t need to be in a rush to smoke it before it burns out because it’s not a cigarette. The less you inhale directly into your lungs, the less irritated they will be, leading to less coughing. You can inhale into your mouth to produce your smoke effects, and if you want, slowly breathe the vapour into your lungs. Adjusting the airflow of your breath will be less irritating for your lungs and throat and should also lessen your coughing.

Adjust the heat

Some vape pens have a variable heat setting, so you can turn down the heat. This benefits you by avoiding a hot hit. The higher the temperature, the more vapour, resulting in a heavier, thicker puff.

Burnt hits are when your conduction plate is dirty, and if you are vaping bud, it can get scorched, and you will breathe in hot vapour with burnt smoke. Conduction vapes can be used for wax and weed, which can be an issue. Keep your device clean, so there is no build-up of charred, burnt, sticky residue.

Check nicotine levels

Nicotine can irritate your throat, and if you notice persistent coughing while vaping, you should check the nicotine level you are using. Finding the balance will take time, so start decreasing it slowly. This will not only help with coughing but will also benefit you by transitioning off nicotine.

You can always change over to CDB, so you still get a good hit from vaping, and it may lessen the irritation in your throat and lungs. Changing the PG/VG ratio towards more propylene glycol should also help.

Change your e-liquid

Sometimes, your cough could be the result of the juice you use. This is especially true with fruit and menthol flavours. Pick up some new e-liquid and experiment with tastes and reactions.

You may be experiencing an allergic reaction to some ingredients in your e-liquid that irritates your throat. Switch things up with nicotine and non-nicotine flavours and do some experimenting with a disposable vape. You’ll find the right balance over time.

Drink more water

Many of the ingredients in e-liquids are dehydrating, including PG and VG. This can cause dryness in the throat and lead to a chronic cough. It is a vicious cycle because the more you cough, the more you irritate the throat, which leads to more coughing.

Bring along a water bottle when you travel. You are more likely to be vaping while out and about with friends, so bring along some H2O and drink lots. If you know you will be vaping, drink a glass of water before and during downtimes between vaping up to your water intake. This is good advice for overall health but is a way to keep your throat moist.

Vape less frequently

Your vaping experience is personal to you, and you can decide how often to use it. If you are developing a cough, you should consider slowing down the usage to give your respiratory system a break. Lessening the frequency of you taking drugs will allow your lungs to cool down before the next hit and be better for your vaping device.

Try to use your vape for at least 20 seconds between drags to avoid coughing. If you want to work on your cloud work, inhale only into your mouth and save the deep drags for when you need it.