Ways in which Mascot Costumes Can Help Build your Brand

Competition in the business world is increasing by the day. Whether established or just starting up, everyone is trying to find a way of beating their rivals. As more businesspeople realize the importance of creative marketing, the use of mascot costumes for branding has assumed global popularity largely due to its success in establishing and boosting the growth of brands.

Personifying your Brand

Many people cannot be convinced that mascots are just another way of advertising. To them, mascot costumes are not just the products of superb creativity and skill in piecing materials together. They don’t even care about the persons hidden in them. All they are interested in is the fact that the mascot is something they can relate to. As a result, businesses successfully give a human face to their products and lead consumers away from the commercial side.

Making a costume, however, is not enough. Design and style of the mascot determines the level of success in its use in marketing. It should first create interest, then arouse positive emotions and finally establish a bond between the mascot and consumers. To achieve this, there should be consideration of numerous market variables including age, behaviors, and likings of the target audience as well as the nature of the product to be promoted. For instance, a soft-looking—and feeling—teddy bear would be most suitable for advertising a fabric softening product.

Marketing on Social Media Platforms

A lot of marketing and brand creation and promotion efforts have shifted to social media platforms. They are few better ways of drawing the interest of the social media audience than the use of mascots. Thus, you will see a lot of social media accounts peopled with mascots complete with profiles—another successful attempt at personalizing brands. In fact, mascots help improve consumer feedback by posting new information, replying to posts and answering online questions in their own character. They are more effective than even celebrities.

Keep in mind that most people in the social media are after the lighter side of life. Therefore, the mascots should have a little bit of humor when engaging the social media crowd. They need not be overwhelmingly hilarious at every turn. Funny mascot costumes and entertaining character will do the trick.

Final Verdict

Referring to the use of mascot costumes as a guerilla marketing tactic, many marketing experts recognize its importance to startups operating on a tight budget. Naturally, people associate mascots with fun, gifts and a warm disposition. Since most of them have a ‘larger than life’ size, are colorful and comical, they are not easily forgotten. Accordingly, whenever a potential consumer comes across the product related to the mascot, he or she is more likely to go for it as a result of the mascot’s influence than many other ways of marketing. Visit the Loonie Times blog for more information.