What Is Distributed Marketing and How Does It Work?

For the professional in all of us, we are always trying to find ways to be more efficient. This can come in the form of organizing schedules, to cutting down on wasteful practices. When we do eventually find the jackpot of efficiency, our lives become much more manageable. Marketing works in the same way.

For a business to find growth through subsequent years, it needs to nail its marketing strategy. Failing to do this means that it could stagnate at best, or lose customers at worst. To rectify this from even occurring, many professionals will employ the use of distributed marketing. What exactly does this entail, however?

Read on to find out what is distributed marketing:

Distributed marketing definintion

Distributed marketing is a type of marketing that focuses on efficiency. Marketing professionals will examine and review their current strategies in the business. Removing the parts that don’t work is the first tenet of distributed marketing.

The second part involves consolidating all tactics used in marketing into one, consistent message. This enables the business to leverage their marketing prowess, in all stages of their marketing plan. Cutting back on what doesn’t work, and emphasizing what does work, is key.

Company involvement

Typically, distributed marketing is a practice that is most employed by larger corporations. Since their marketing plans are so diverse, they need to ensure that they are being efficient. However, larger corporations will also look to involve smaller businesses if need be. This sees the two companies teaming up, to reach a common goal.

It is a two-way street, when both parties work with one another, in regards to distributed marketing. The larger corporation will look to see their profits increased. The smaller business will, as a result of the team up, gain more recognition through this mutual agreement. The addition of further business partners can also work, if things change in one’s plan.

Personalized branding

One of the most important facets of distributed marketing is the need to improve branding. Marketing professionals have a challenging time, when trying to come up with a brand that sticks. When distributed marketing is utilized effectively, brand messages will be able to stay on point.

This is crucial, when trying to sustain a marketing strategy for the long term. Customers are always in search of product offerings that can be attuned to their tastes. A company that puts out personalized content consistently, will be able to reach their customer’s needs every time. Thus, quarterly success can be reached as well!

Marketing flexibility

Companies that are set in traditional avenues of marketing may not be able to reap the benefits of a distributed marketing platform. That is because the practice requires marketing professionals to be flexible in their approach. In order to properly use distributed marketing to great effect, all parties need to communicate.

For example, for a product to be sold effectively, sales representatives at the small company need to be informed. At the same time, they will have to reach their own quotas through their own, specific responsibilities. For all involved parties to accomplish their goals, a degree of flexibility is compulsory.

Company expansion

Distributed marketing also works great when it’s with a company that is expanding. Since technology has had a great effect on marketing strategies, it can often be a drag to keep up with. That is why it is incredibly important to stay up-to-date with what technologies are out there.

The one that you may be using for distributed marketing strategies now, may not be so convenient in the future. However, for companies that are growing, you can experiment to see what works. As long as everything is being used as efficiently as it can be, your practices should have their intended effect .


As mentioned previously, being able to communicate with your partners is central to distributive marketing. This, of course, will require each partner to have a say in how to implement a given strategy. Both the large and smaller companies will have to be respected, when brainstorming ideas.

Additionally, you may choose to grow your marketing campaigns, with additional partners. For distributed marketing to work as intended, ensure you communicate genuinely. For a consumer to receive the best possible experience, it needs to originate from an honest plan. Distributed marketing should rally all party members, when this is the case!

Marketing is a pivotal part of any business. In our modern society, that sentiment is constantly changing, with the advent of newer technologies. However, efficiency is what drives a successful marketing strategy. By working together with outside partners, your distributive marketing plan can take you beyond what you initially set out to do.