What to Do After Slip and Fall Accidents

Have you been in a slip and fall accident? Unfortunately, there are millions of these types of injuries every year, and you need to make sure you are protected financially and legally.

You are the only one with your best interest in mind, so you must take care of everything that happened in your accident. It may be overwhelming, but you could face a legal battle and financial hardship for your injuries if you don’t protect yourself.

What should you do after slip and fall accidents? Here are the steps to take after a fall:

Medical treatment after slip and fall

When you have an accident, you are probably injured. If it is bad enough, you may be receiving medical attention at the scene or be transported to a hospital by ambulance. If you are alone and able to get up, you should first get medical treatment. Even if you can walk, you may have underlying injuries.

Go to the nearest clinic and see a doctor examine your injuries. You want to make sure you receive care, and you also want to have documented proof that you sustained an injury and went for a medical assessment. If you need to claim medical bills or trauma related to the accident, documenting your medical visit is vital.

Police report after slip and fall

You need to record the incident and notify any business or homeowner of what happened. It could be in a store, on a sidewalk, at work or even at a friend’s place. Regardless of the location, get a written report.

Most businesses should document the accident for their records, and you need to make sure you have a copy of it. If it was at work, see first aid and get an incident report filled out, signed and a copy given to you. You can also call the police to file a report for the accident. These reports will be important if you need proof of your slip and fall accident.

Slip and fall lawyer

You may not want to get a lawyer involved, but it is important to protect yourself. It can be overwhelming dealing with employers, insurance companies and workers’ compensation. Having a professional trained in this type of accident will be crucial to your rehabilitation.

The role of a personal injury lawyer is to get you a fair settlement, but they also will give you advice on what to do and assist in all the paperwork. Having someone in your corner is best because insurance companies want to settle quickly and low, leaving you feeling taken advantage of.

Nobody wants to have an accident. When one does occur, you are entitled to get proper medical care and be compensated for any injuries and loss of earnings. A qualified slip and fall lawyer can ensure you are protected and receive a fair settlement for your accident.

Document everything after slip and fall

You need to have a detailed record of what happened from the accident to everyone you deal with. Collect the names, addresses and phone numbers of business owners, eyewitnesses and anyone else connected to the accident.

Put together a written account of the accident as you remember. Try to do this as soon as possible to remember all the details. Add to it as you recall any aspects of the accident, including the weather, time of day, lighting, uneven ground etc.

Keep your medical records and any paperwork from your employer, doctor and insurance company. All of this documentation may be used in your defence if there are any legal proceedings.

Take photos of sleep and fall

After the accident, get photos of the scene as soon as possible. If you can’t do it yourself, ask a friend or family member to help you.

Take pictures of the ground where you fell to get a picture of any uneven flooring. This will also capture the weather conditions if there is ice, snow or flooding on the ground. Take a photo of the building you were in front of with the business name or house address. This all will aid in proving the conditions that lead to your slip and fall accident.

Slip and fall settlements

After an accident, the liability wheels start turning. A business responsible for the hazard will want to get things settled quickly, so the problem goes away. Insurance companies don’t want to pay out on claims and will want to rush the process to get it settled with low or no compensation. They may also drag it out so you will cave in and settle.

Don’t rush to accept anything, and don’t sign away your rights. You have no idea how much of an impact your accident will have on your health and ability to work. You need to take the time to get assessed medically and get proper counsel on how to proceed.

Follow these steps after a slip and fall accident to help you recover and be taken care of.