What to Do If There Is a Problem With Special Event Rentals

Whether you are planning corporate events, a wedding reception or another type of lavish affair, you may be using special event rentals for everything from décor to functional features. Tables, chairs, linens, dishes and even a dance floor are some of the items that you may rent for your upcoming party. Often, the special event rentals that are borrowed for a party are critical to the overall success of the event. With this in mind, it is understandable that you may feel overwhelmed and stressed out on the day of the big event if you realize something is wrong with the equipment and supplies that you have rented.

Read Through Your Contract to Determine Your Options
Accidents and mishaps happen all of the time, and the wrong items may have unfortunately been delivered to your venue. Perhaps some of them are broken, stained or otherwise unusable. Most contracts for special event rentals have a clause in them about the proper action you should take if you notice anything wrong with the products on the day of your event. Therefore, your first course of action should be to read through the contract. In many instances, the vendor will attempt to correct the situation for you as soon as possible, but there may be instances when you need to try to make the rental items work as much as possible. For example, some contracts only allow for you to receive a monetary reimbursement after the event rather than to give you some resolution to the problem before the event.

Contact the Vendor as Soon as Possible
Regardless of the wording in the contract, it is important to contact your vendor as soon as possible. Most vendors want to go out of their way to make you a satisfied customer. After all, negative word of mouth advertising on consumer review sites can be detrimental to a business that is in the service industry. Explain the situation to your vendor, and ensure that the vendor understands why the rentals provided are unacceptable or not suitable for the event. If the error was made on your part, you may be charged an additional fee. If the error was made on their part, the issue may rectified in some cases regardless of what is stated in the contract.

While issues with equipment rentals are rare, they can and do happen. You can minimize this possibility from happening during your event by reading through your contract carefully beforehand. Ensure that all of the equipment listed is exactly what you need. In addition, review the items in detail with the vendor in the days leading up to your event. Many reservations are made weeks or months ahead of time, so it is beneficial for all parties to review the contract and rentals closer to the event date. If you are looking for more information, you may be interested in checking out Gervais Party And Tent Rentals Ltd.